Spiritual Growth After The Hardships Of War

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The military can be a physical and emotional challenge. Whether you’re staring death in the face, helping the less fortunate in foreign lands or dealing with moral obstacles within your chain of command, the nature of the military may have put you into a mindset of ‘sucking it up’ or holding your problems to yourself. Whether you’re a spiritual person looking for peace in a place that lacks spiritual discussion or a person looking for answers in a confusing new lifestyle, think about your situation and how you can grow out of it with the right mindset. Coping With The Difficulties Of Foreign Lands Entering a new culture can change a person faster than they’re ready to admit. The change can begin as soon as the strict structure as boot camp, but many military service-members see themselves challenged when entering a vastly different culture for more than a short vacation. Many young veterans encounter things that can’t be explained by their understanding of the world. In times of war, they may see groups of the people who seem the same, but are locked in mortal combat or victims of horrible atrocities. Although many military organizations train to shield the mind against such sights, seeing such violence for the first time can be traumatizing. Some people can move on after the incidents with little to no outside effect. It may be a bad memory, but there are those who are equipped to simply move on. Others may experience nightmares and flashbacks of the incidents, while some may struggle with their faith about how such things could happen. The symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder can make past events difficult to rationalize. Military orders can be conflicting in such situations. If you’re ordered to support the injured and victimized, you at least have an outlet to try to make things right on your own terms within the rules. If you’re a combatant on a fast mission to neutralize an enemy or defend a target, you may have to ignore what you see unless it’s an immediate threat. What do you do once you’ve ignored an issue that you thought you could have changed? The answer may take a lot of searching, and spiritual growth exercises may be necessary to tap into the answers. You Aren’t Alone In Your Search Many people feel that they may be alone after experiencing a specific incident. While it’s true that only a few people could have witnessed your specific incident, you need to remember that trials and tribulations face many people involved in conflict. The key is to speak with others and open yourself to how you feel. There may be someone out there who has been down a similar path. Although you are ultimately in control of the way you think, getting tips and outside opinions about where to go next can help. You don’t have to follow orders just to think, but suggestions and feedback can help you make it to a better peace of mind. Get in contact with the Department of Veterans Affairs’ PTSD awareness program if you’re feeling confused about your situation, then reach out to a community spiritual growth companions to begin walking down the path of answers and a calm mind after the hectic nature of...

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Maintaining The Life Of Your Corian Countertops

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From granite and quartz to laminate and butcher block, the many different materials used for kitchen countertops makes choosing the right kind for you easier than ever. Corian is a material used to make countertops that is durable, beautiful, and able to withstand heavy use. This material is a man made one and is known as the first solid surface countertop choice. If you own Corian countertops, here are some ways you can keep them clean and well maintained. Basic Cleaning You can clean your Corian counters using a mild soap and water. Wipe away spills and crumbs as soon as you can. If water or other liquids sit too long on the surface, they can leave behind a milky white appearance that will be more difficult to remove. Never use a window cleaner on this material, as it can create a wax-like buildup. Removing Stains The kitchen is the busiest and messiest part of your home, so stains are to be expected. In order to remove them from Corian, you can use a mild abrasive cleaning product. Do not apply it directly to the surface, but instead squeeze some onto a damp sponge or cloth, and then wipe down your countertops. Use circular motions and add more pressure if you find that the stain is not coming off. If you need to use a stronger cleaning solution, be sure to wipe it completely away and then dry your countertops completely. Removing Scratches Over time, scratches may form on the surface of your Corian countertops. Fortunately, these can be removed by using abrasive scrubbing pads or even sandpaper. You should scrub  in the same direction as the scratch, and then scrub in the opposite direction, applying light pressure as you go. Once you’re finished, wipe off any grit or residue that remains. If you use coarse grit sandpaper, the surface should be moistened with water before you sand.  Refinishing You can revitalize the look of your countertops fairly easily by applying a white polishing paste. Apply the paste to an electric sander using soft finishing bands. Slowly buff the counters in a circular motion. Within a few minutes, the shine and smoothness of your Corian countertops should appear, making them look brand new again. It is recommended that you refinish them at least every year, or every six months if you prefer to ensure they maintain their beauty and...

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How To Make The Most Of Your Free Time In Rehab

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Congratulations on taking the first step to recovery. Overcoming addiction to alcohol is no easy feat to accomplish but one that is well worth it. While in rehab, you may be wondering what to do with your free time when you are not in meetings or therapy. Here are a few suggestions for positive new hobbies to complement your new outlook on life. Exercising Your body is healing just by being sober. Why not become even healthier by starting a work-out program? You don’t need to work out for hours every day to see and feel physical improvements. It takes about three months to truly develop new muscle. This timeline syncs up perfectly with a 90 day rehab program. You can chart your weekly progress for endurance and reps so that you can see how much stronger you became not only emotionally but also physically. Pick forms of exercise that you know that you will enjoy and you are much more likely to stick with your fitness program long term. Learning to craft and make art Knitting, crocheting, sewing, beading, drawing, painting, and photography, are all relaxing activities that engage the artistic part of your brain. Repetitive crafts like knitting and crocheting have a soothing, meditative quality to them that often produces a calming effect. Learning to make scarfs, hats, and gloves is not only fun but also your are left with a wearable piece of art at the end. Drawing, painting, and photography can help express the parts of you that can not be put into words but that you want to explore. These types of art can be very therapeutic and may help you acknowledge and process feelings that may be emerging because of your sobriety. Reading Rehab can be a good time to reconnect with books and literature, or to discover a love of reading for the first time. Pick a book that speaks to you and curl up in a cozy, quiet place for an hour or two. Writing Writing is a great way to work through issues and also for you to be creative. Writing your thoughts and feelings down in a journal can help you process everything that is going on in rehab. Just the process of writing in a journal may inspire you to write poems and short stories as well. Meditation or yoga Meditation relaxes your body and your brain. You can meditate in the classic way of keeping your body still and trying quiet your mind with a mantra. Or yoga can be thought of as a form of moving meditation. For more information about rehab and what you might expect, contact a company like Pacific...

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